Color Consulting

Communicating a unique brand message or creating an environment that creates an emotional response is best done with color.

Selecting a single color or a palette of colors that communicates what your brand, product or environment's message is can be a daunting task. As your color specialist, I take the guesswork out of the color selection and streamline the process to save you time and money. 

  • Branding
  • Product Development
  • Residential Exteriors / Interiors
  • Commercial Interiors / Exteriors


The value of the brand plays into the bottom line of companies. Conveying a consistent quality, credibility and experience creates that value and builds a connection with the audience.

As your brand expert, I'll work with you to identify and tell a brand story that is unique to your service or product. Next, I'll apply the brand consistently across all media to communicate your offerings to your audience.

Building your brand creates an incredible value for your company and it is essential to success.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity and Naming

Product Development

Creating consumer goods from conceptualization to the final market introduction is a crucial process for companies.

My past experience as an Art Director in the Product Development Department of a consumer goods manufacturer honed my skills of product development for full product lines from ideas through showroom implementation.

Designing functional and well-designed products is key to keeping your brand story strong. 

  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Development
  • Product Development
  • Retail Displays


The first visual impression that your brand sends out is critical to your success. Creating a connection to your audience within seconds and holding their attention is the goal of every good visual strategy.

As your visual design expert, I apply your brand strategically and consistently throughout your media platforms.

  • Print Collateral
  • Advertising Creative
  • Packaging
  • Signage


Communicating your brand story consistently online is vital to the continued connection with your audience.

Engaging your audience online allows a brand to add depth and breadth to the brand story and make the customer feel comfortable. Strong content development and visual style are key to your brand’s online strategy. 

  • Website Content Development
  • Online Advertising Design

Experiential Design

The face-to-face experience with your audience is the most powerful opportunity for a brand in relationship building.

Creating a memorable brand experience takes attention to detail and strategic planning. As your experiential designer, I'll create a unique brand-centric solution from the ground up to build impactful experiences. 

  • Tradeshow Exhibits
  • Permanent Showrooms
  • Retail Displays



At point of purchase COLOUR IS MOST IMPORTANT to the consumer, even over price.
— Ken Charbonneau, Colour Marketing Consultant