Color Marketing Group Reveals the 4 World Key Colors for 2016

Written on November 15, 2014 by Color Marketing

Color Marketing Group recently revealed the 4 World Key Colors for 2016.  The colors were forecast during CMG’s ChromaZone and International events held throughout 2014.  The results from these color forecasting meetings were recently revealed at CMG’s 2014 International Summit.  Over 220 color experts from around the world convened to hear what’s coming next in the world of color.  CMG’s full 2016+ World Color Forecast is available to members.

CMG’s next 2015 International Summit will be held in San Diego, CA, November 13th through 15th.  Color design experts and professionals from around the world will convene to hear the revelation CMG’s World Color Forecast comprising color results from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

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2016 North American Key Color

2016 Asia Pacific Key Color

2016 Latin American Key Color

2016 European Key Color