Powder pink, cobalt blue or cream...

What will be the upcoming color trends in 2017 and beyond? 

Join one of the world's largest color forecasting associations to identify and determine future color trends and influences around the world.

During these Color Forecasting events you will discuss and identify the colors that will be the basis for future color trends. The Workshops will be led by Color Marketing Group (CMG), one of the world's largest non-profit associations for professionals working with color and design. During the Workshop you will share your color stories with like-minded color professionals, developing a common forecast which will be distributed digitally to you so you can work with it immediately. 

The results will become part of CMG's 2017+ World Color Forecast which will be revealed during the 2015 International Summit being held November 13th to 15th in San Diego, CA USA.  Here you will see the comparison of ALL the global Color Forecasting Workshops and events, and hear presentation from around the world. 

CMG's 2017+ World Color Forecast will be revealed at the International Summit.

ChromaZones - SAVE THE DATES

Stockholm, Sweden February 4th

Osaka, Japan March 18th

Milan, Italy April 13th

Cleveland, OH April 28th

Toronto, ON, Canada May 2nd

Krakow, Poland May 20th - 22nd 

Chicago, IL June 17th 

Austin, TX  August 6th

Grand Rapids, MI August 28th

Dates Coming Soon