PatternEye | Green Makes Patterns Fresh

Adobe Spark.jpg

I am often asked if I have these patterns just in my head or if they are driven by inspiration? Well, it is a combination of both, I think. On a recent trip to a barn in Oregon, my inspiration bubble expanded so much I thought it was going to pop! Looking at tractor tires, power cords, electrical boxes, track marks in the dirt, car grills, and tractor parts take on new meanings when you are viewing them as a potential surface pattern design

Some of the patterns above are created with before-mentioned inspirations. Yes, you really can make a flower motif, incorporate lots of naturally occurring texture and honestly say that it was inspired by a tractor tire. The main thing I discovered on my pattern safari was I just needed to be in the moment and use tools at hand. Inspiration is really everywhere, but like smelling the roses, we need to stop and look at things in new ways.

If you have ever traveled to Oregon you will notice that there is a lot of fresh green. Trees, hills, meadows, vineyards, and mountains are all green. So since I was out in the revitalizing greenery I carried that colorway over into the first look at my final patterns in color. 

Pantone also announced earlier in the year that "Greenery" was their key color for 2017. The colors of green are refreshing and symbolize new beginnings. They have a lot of vitality that moves us to recreate ourselves. 

The Color Marketing Group published their "Capim Santo/Lemon Grass" Color Alert in June. This color was forecasted for 2017 in CMG Latin America. You can see some "Capim Santo" colored products which are available in fashion and home decor. 

My unexpected pattern safari has provided many, many fresh pattern design inspirations and I am eager to post them on my site at Art Licensing Studio for licensing opportunities. If you would like to hear more about my surface pattern designs please contact me.