Interview with Color Marketing Group

Recently the Color Marketing Group® interviewed me for my role as a facilitator. I have participated in CMG since 2005 and have facilitated many times. The benefits are great for all the hard work that goes into the role as you can see in the interview with Sharon Griffis, Executive Director of CMG, below. Color is an important aspect of my work and on June 10th, 2017 I will be at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA to once again facilitate students, faculty and CMG members in the discussion of the 2019+ Color Forecast. If you are interested in attending the CMG ChromaZone - Pasadena please learn more here. 

- Sandy, Simple Modern Style

An Interview with Color Marketing Group Facilitator, Sandy Sampson

What is your current job title, function and company?

Simple Modern Style focuses on color consulting, graphic design and surface pattern design. Sandy’s role as designer provides an opportunity to utilize color and design across multiple industries.

How does your job relate to color?

Design is great. However, the correct colors applied to a design are amazing! Every design project Sandy creates allows for a broader awareness of how a particular industry is applying color and design to speak to a target market. Design requires the correct color(s) so that the finish is superb!

How does CMG benefit your everyday job?

Color Marketing Group provides a like-minded, inspiring and professional platform where Sandy gleans inspiration and learns from the group’s collective wisdom about industry color, design, systems, materials and trends. With this knowledge her projects showcase the best design and color solutions available.

How do you use the Forecasts?

The forecasts, roving reports, Color Apps workshop reports, and the Industry Tallies are reviewed for each project with an eye for information that applies to the project’s industry. This information is then combined with additional industry research to create the best color forward or timeless color design solution.

Why do you choose CMG over another color service?

Conversations about color design, stories, materials, finishes, systems, pigments, color science and application of color across multiple industries cannot be found outside CMG. This culture of color is what keeps Sandy’s knowledge of color design ever evolving.

Why do you volunteer to be a Facilitator?

When being a facilitator Sandy learns more about the color stories and colors that make up the final Forecast. Each color-forecasting workshop provides a wealth of information. As a facilitator she works directly with the participants and their homework presentations to gain a solid understanding of the color stories, drivers and applications of each color. This color background prepares her for immediate application to her products/projects upon returning to the studio. Why wait for the World Color Forecast in November when she can apply emerging color knowledge early? Through being a facilitator Sandy’s relationships and CMG value has grown.

What does it mean to be a Facilitator, in your mind?

Facilitation is about gathering color research, foresight and examples from the color professionals in an unbiased organized manner and presenting that information to the membership.

If you are also on the Board or EC, what intrinsic rewards do you receive from volunteering?

As a member of the Board, Sandy enjoys learning from the wealth of knowledge on the board; opportunities to listen to the membership and create solutions to enhance the value of being a CMG member; to participate in the development of the color forecasts; and to present the World Color Forecasts to professional trade organizations.  

Do you recall your first CMG International Conference - what was your experience?

There were so many inspiring color professionals to listen to at the Vancouver conference! Sandy felt energized by this creative tribe and realized she was in the right place to further the color knowledge that she needed to enhance the value of her design projects.

What were the benefits?

The main benefits are the professional color knowledge regarding application, pigments, trends, systems, materials, finishes and marketing. Another huge benefit is the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other color professionals. If you need to find an answer to a color question or what the right color would be for a product, CMG is where that information can be gleaned.

How did it help your job/role?

Prior to attending CMG, Sandy’s focus on her projects was design. Color was always a passion but after meeting other Color Professionals and hearing their stories about the importance of color in marketing color became a star feature of all of Sandy’s projects. This language of color truly makes the design successful. Without the knowledge of how color can be applied, what colors are emerging, what colors say, and how colors change, a design project may not achieve its true potential. Today Sandy’s projects revolve around color and how the colors are going to speak to the viewer.