The Steadfastness of Pink


Why Pink?

Recently asked about the color pink, here is a brief look at why we are seeing pinks in all chromas and values across products and spaces. 

Colors carry an emotional connection to the viewer. Depending on where the viewer comes from and what global influences they have been exposed to, their color associations and meanings will vary. Cultural factors drive pink’s cool and warm undertones. Some prefer a lower chroma pink combined with similar hues. In addition, most color preferences can be influenced by gender, age, seasonal influences, education, culture, region, and personality types, i.e. introvert vs. extrovert. We have seen that pinks are no longer gender specific as they once were. This color language of the target audience engages the consumer’s senses which helps or hinders the final sale or like/dislike of a product.

Color Marketing Group forecasted two pinks for 2017. “Perky Pink and Young Pink”, both are fairly high in chroma with one having a stronger red undertone while the other reaches towards the red-purples. These pinks provide an energetic and a glamorous mood. Pinks can be playful the brighter or more vivid they get and are easily paired with neutrals such as brown, gold and silver. Combinations of pinks with blue creates a softer masculine mood. 

In these economic times of uncertainty and chaos, softer pinks deliver a restful and balanced mood and are driven by a craving for silence, minimalism and hygge. We will be experiencing  various pinks such as “Millennial Pink” for some time as the global mood remains chaotic. 

Pinks have been working in contrast with brighter hues creating a new twist on old traditions. Considered a classic color, pink is favored culturally in Asia Pacific, but is not held in such high value in other parts of the world. Pinks are appearing in deconstructed modern looks in interior accessories.

We will continue to see pinks expressing the human-side of technology. Creating a comforting and nourishing life in the home. Providing joy to a confusing world while still representing the female presence of vitality, and values of gentleness and kindness. We want to be playful yet at peace with companionship and safety.

Story and Photo: S. Sampson