Color Marketing Group presents, Paraiso (From CMG's 2015+ Latin American Forecast)

Paraiso brings the color of Paradise to life. This bright, aqua-influenced, blue has arrived to whisk you away on holiday.

The color of sparkling water, and twinkling jewels, Paraiso's seaside-inspired origin is dual-sided, and much like the power of water, offers both serenity and refreshment.

This hue of relaxation and adventure, is also one of boundless color joy. It appears light-hearted on sports equipment, crisp on furnishings, and playful in fashion. Its modern edge will lift a monochromatic color scheme, and its natural origins make it a vital combination with terra cotta and shell pink.

With Paraiso, the idea of seaside holidays comes to life.

Color Marketing, July 2015 Color Alert

Color Marketing, July 2015 Color Alert