Colorways Inspire

Color Splash colorways are created by Simple Modern Style as color study and inspiration. Color plays a very important role in our every day lives. Often we don't slow down to realize just how beautiful the color combinations are. 

Color palettes communicate many different feelings, have the power to sell and are seen throughout cultures and history. 

If you are looking for a color solution for a interior/exterior spaces, product development or repositioning, marketing, brand or surface pattern design look no further. As a board member of the Color Marketing Group I look to the future for all of my color projects. I watch for new expectations which drive color across industry. My passion is creating the best color solutions for your project. You can email me your project here.


Warm Hues for Cool Light

Canadian homeowner requested warming colors for their living and adjacent dining room to coordinate with existing furniture. 

Design challenge:  
Cool light from the outdoors shifts the colors to pink, especially in the whites so selection of colors for the cool light conditions is key.



Colour Trend Boards

Each colour project takes on a life of its own depending on the client's needs. Research of the current trends drive the next colors for future trends in each industry.  

This color analysis was created for a product development project in the gift industry. I looked for motifs, materials, colors, application of colors, color combinations and more. 

Once the research is complete the design direction for the new product line is developed. A final materials, motif and color palette is developed. Then the real design begins when the final color design direction is applied to the new product line. 

To keep the products ahead of the competition we work eighteen  months to  two years ahead.


Laundry Room With a View

This Oakland home has a laundry room just off the living room. To dress it up in case the doors were left wide open we added a flair of personality with warm tones. 


Upscale Prefab

In sunny Southern California, located on a golf course, this pre-fabricated home was decorated with high style.

Working with existing furniture and only budgeting for minimum repairs and paint this home was transformed from a outdated 1980s feel to a modern, restful retreat. 

"Sandy is very professional and loves color. The colors she chose for my home just flow from one room to the other and she was able to meet my goals of having a restful and peaceful choice of colors for the whole house. She was able to tie in the existing furniture and bedding colors so that the whole house is harmonious and yet the expense was minimized. some of the space was difficult to use and she helped with the floor plans also. The best part is hearing the 'wows!' from my guests who just love the 'after'.

— Rev. Lynn E., Homeowner


Interior Palette Development

Each project starts with a analysis of a site's lighting, owner's items that are remaining and what colors the client feels best around.

Our Southern California interior project was inspired by the colors of the Channel Islands just off the coast. She is an avid sailor and in her remodel she wanted to keep her "happy place"colors with her while not out to sea. 

This color palette brings a soothing and comforting upscale feel to her new home.